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You deserve to wake up to gorgeous eyelashes every single day!  Elite Lash extensions are perfect for vacations,  everyday wear and are a must for your special occasion. 


Peruse our Elite Lash Services Menu of Classic, Hybrid and Custom Volume Eyelash Extensions and other specialty eyelash services including bottom lash application.

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Get Your Flirt On!

We want you to love your lashes and with our lash services, there’s no way you won’t! Wake up with lashes you’ve always dreamed of having with our Flirt lash extensions. They’re just what you need to get noticeably fuller, yet natural looking lashes with curl. Make sure to read our dos and don’ts on our website to prep for your session. Get your flirt on and book your appointment with us today.

The Flirt

This will leave you with noticeably fuller yet natural looking lashes with the curl you've always wanted. Go ahead, get your Flirt on!

60 minutes

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